Bread of Life
A ministry that provides food to families who may be hurting financially and need immediate assistance with food for their family.

Our Missions ministry is directed by Donna Eaton and is instrumental in reaching the uttermost parts of the world such as: Africa, Amsterdam, Asia, Kazaks, Mexico, & Tibet.  Periodically she plans short-term mission trips to bring the Word of God to the people groups there. more...

Music Ministry
Our music ministry assists our musicians and singers in worshipping the Lord and ushering in the Presence of God during our services.

We provide child care in our nursery during our Sunday service. Our workers are usually parents or grandparents that utilize or nursery for their little ones and take turns working it. However, you do not have to have any children to work in the nursery. Volunteers are always welcomed.

Prison Ministry
A men's ministry that visits and ministers to the prisoners of various institutions.

Youth Ministry
Our Youth Pastor Sean Fox meets with our youth (ages 11-17) in our Oneighty Center every Sunday morning to teach the God's Word. They meet in the main sancuary for 10:00am for Praise and Worship then report to the Oneighty Center.

Our Oneighty® center is a family oriented facility dedicated to ministering to the spiritual needs of needs of the youth. This facility was dedicated on March 16, 2001 and named the "Sal Liberto Center" in memory of the late Sal Liberto, Constable of Jefferson Parish.

Oneighty® is a registered name of Willie George Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the fall of 1996, Pastor George founded what has now become the largest local-church youth ministry in the nation, Oneighty®. What began with around 250 students, now numbers over 2,300 teenagers in average weekly attendance and has developed a network of 280 affiliate churches who are doing youth ministry the Oneighty® way.